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Growing Garlic in Raised Beds (chicken proof)

As I was perusing Dave Ramsey quotes on Pinterest at 6am (obviously) I came across this: Rich people plan for the next 3 generations.  Poor people plan for Saturday night. Hmm.  That will get you thinking!  For me right now, it mostly brought up thoughts of the skills and lifestyle I'm slowly learning (a lot… Continue reading Growing Garlic in Raised Beds (chicken proof)

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Five Year Farmhouse Payoff Plan

I didn't plan on writing this kind of content. But then again, I don't generally plan too much of anything if it has the potential to limit me creatively.  Ya know? I have mixed feelings about public declarations of intent.  I mean, actions are where its at and speak so, so much louder than words.… Continue reading Five Year Farmhouse Payoff Plan

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Folly Beach – Leaving the Homestead

Thoughts of home & photo memories on the beach Chickens, gardens, and a sourdough starter. Those are are "living" things that need caring for every day as of right now. Oh and kids...(but that's not the focus today!) And honestly, with a system in place it's not a lot of work at all! By far… Continue reading Folly Beach – Leaving the Homestead