I’m Steph, I’m 29, and I’m married with three little ones. Becoming a mom has been the biggest inspiration in my life – from finishing nursing school, becoming a lactation consultant, learning to take better care of myself and my family, starting this blog, and basically every good thing comes from wanting to be better for my babes and lead them by example.

Big John & I met in 2010, had our first baby, John Jr. not long after, and we’ve been married for five years. I graduated from nursing school in 2013 after I had our second baby, Vivi, and worked in the ICU, CCL, & lactation consulting for a few years.

In 2016, right before Hank (#3) turned 1, I became an advocate for healthy living. After a few months I stepped away from nursing to be home with my babes. I love sharing simple tips with other moms about health & working from home!

We built our forever home on Big John’s family farm here in MO in 2017 and have slowly started our own little homestead with gardens, chickens, learning to preserve food, cook more from scratch using natural ingredients, and just live more simply. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love technology & all the modern stuff too!

Taking care of my family in faith and spending lots of time together is my biggest passion so I hope you find some inspiration while you’re here!