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Growing Garlic in Raised Beds (chicken proof)

As I was perusing Dave Ramsey quotes on Pinterest at 6am (obviously) I came across this: Rich people plan for the next 3 generations.  Poor people plan for Saturday night. Hmm.  That will get you thinking!  For me right now, it mostly brought up thoughts of the skills and lifestyle I'm slowly learning (a lot… Continue reading Growing Garlic in Raised Beds (chicken proof)

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Pumpkin Pecan Dark Choc Oatmeal Cookies

DROP THE FREAKING MIC. Ok, if you've been here a while then by know you know I start basically every dessert blog with that sentence because I LOVE DESSERT. And even more, I love coming up with new dessert creations. And even more, I love blogging them because it forces me to document the recipe… Continue reading Pumpkin Pecan Dark Choc Oatmeal Cookies

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Teaching Them Scripture

Raising my babes to be decent is definitely on the priority list! I love teaching them, but I don't want them to feel like they're being lectured to. So most of the time, I just make little games of lessons so it's fun, and it becomes our thing we do together. For example, I'll teach… Continue reading Teaching Them Scripture

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Do Vitamins Really Make You Healthier?

Ad - Virtual Franchise Partnership with the Juice Plus+ Company So.  29.  This is weird.  I've been pregnant or breastfeeding or both since I was 21 - and for the first time in my twenties, I'm not either!  Which is a little bit sad, a little bit awesome, a little bit weird, and a whole… Continue reading Do Vitamins Really Make You Healthier?

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Slow Cooker Applesauce

Ok, I could have sworn I published this recipe last fall!!  I really think I did!  But when I went to look for it, it was nowhere to be found.  So alas, applesauce.  Warm, cinnamon-y, comfort food-y slow cooker applesauce. The photos are from this past fall - and I am not at all wishing summer away,… Continue reading Slow Cooker Applesauce