Hey there! I’m Steph.

I’ll be thirty soon, which rocks.  I love getting older.

My husband John and I met in the bar I was working at one summer when I was twenty. He was older and crazy, but so was I.  We were fire and gasoline or something like that.  We fell in love quick and got pregnant quick and pregnant again quick all while I was finishing nursing school.

Those first years were a blur and I figured out I didn’t want to adult regularly and wanted to be a homemaking momma.  We had baby number three and right before we broke ground on the farmhouse (our dream!) I quit my really good paying job in the Cath lab.  Leap of faith, I guess.

Somehow, God provided for us when our expenses went up and our income went down.  Which is ironic since I didn’t believe in Him then.  You see, He cares for His children even  when they are stinkers.  Sound familiar?  Thats parenthood right there.  He’s a good Father and He called me to salvation on July 16th of 2016.  He gave me hope.  That’s where my story ends and begins all at the same time.

I LOVE FOOD.  Eating it, looking at it, cooking it, thinking about it, growing it, photographing it, gifting it, allllll of it.  It’s my love language.

I’m obsessed with lifting weights too, it’s such a great outlet and tangible reminder each day that I can do difficult things.  We need that as mommas.

We have chickens and three mini saanen dairy goats.  I’ll need to update this part frequently because I enjoy buying farm animals on Craigslist and have turkeys, ducks, Gurnsey cattle, pigs, and a puppy on my homestead wishlist.

I live in two worlds.  This one and the one in my head.  At times I’ve felt flawed because of that, but if I stay centered on God – that world in my head is one of beauty, inspiration, and gratitude out of which flows a river of positivity.  Lose sight of Him – and it can be a dark place.  I guess that’s what anxiety is? Disconnection from the Lord.

Entrepreneurship is in my blood through and through and I’ve gotten to bring many passions and ideas to life in my twenties, from a private lactation consulting practice, to a whole food business, to this blog, and most recently by becoming a Young Living member in October.  I’m brand new, but having a BLAST.  I’ve been sharing our toxin-free life on IG, so check that out for more.  Two of my favorite people: my momma and my husband have already ranked with the company as part of my team, and I’m getting to share with friends too.   I plan on documenting my journey here, because I believe God always gives us our story to be an inspiration to someone else out there.  If you’re here to join, you can follow this link { GET STARTED  } and the directions in the graphic below 🙂

farmto table.png