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Teaching Them Scripture

Raising my babes to be decent is definitely on the priority list! I love teaching them, but I don’t want them to feel like they’re being lectured to. So most of the time, I just make little games of lessons so it’s fun, and it becomes our thing we do together.

For example, I’ll teach them a phrase that’s relevant to what we’re doing, then I’ll break it down into pieces & well alternate saying parts of it.

Here are a few of my favorites that I hope they carry with them for life 🖤

1. Two are better than one because they can help each other. If one falls, the other one can help.

This one comes from Ecclesiastes and is so special to me, because I need have lots of important people who each help I’m different ways, and it’s so lonely trying to accomplish things alone! I always want the babes to embrace friendship, partnership, and being a helper in all their relationships.

Viv & I do this one all the time. When we are working together on anything she will look at me with a cute little smile and say: “Tow are better than one….” Then I say: “Because they can help each other” and she finishes the rest. Such a simple way for us to have that special bond, but also for her to learn truths early in life.

2. Each person should carry their own load.

This comes from Galatians & of course – is perfect for reminding the babes that we each have a responsibility to help out! It’s especially true when it’s time to gather laundry. I’ll start with saying “Each person should carry their own…….” and then the three of them always want to be the first one to finish the sentence.

I hope this helps then know that they are valuable workers and helpers in the world as they grow, and it’s easier for the family when each person pitches in!

3. God has big plans for you.

From Jeremiah, my hope is that my babes always believe God is on their side & that they have real purpose in this world. That kind of goes along with pitching in, it feels great to be helpful & give our gifts to others! Maybe by believing this truth at a young age, they won’t feel so lost in our changing world, because God’s plan is good.

4. Be faithful with little, and you will be given lots.

From Luke – and please believe if the kids had it their way, this would translate into getting more toys! But it’s really helpful with eating dinner in order to get a bedtime snack and stuff like that.

This is one I can use for myself a lot too as far as finances and time management.

5. Hold on to what is good.

From Thessalonians. When they fight or pick on each other or call names, it always ends in tears. When one comes to me and says “he/she called me (insert poop/potty related name) I just ask: “Is that good?”

They say no, and so I say – stay away from it, then. It’s a great reminder not to let others behavior disturb our happiness, and that sometimes we just need some space when things get heated.

Being a momma is a challenge, a blessing, and an adventure for sure. Giving them nuggets of truth along the journey is my way of steering them a bit until they learn to drive their life vehicle. There are no guarantees and I can’t choose their life, nor do I want to. But I can help them know Truth. And that’s enough.

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