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Do Vitamins Really Make You Healthier?

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So.  29.  This is weird.  I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding or both since I was 21 – and for the first time in my twenties, I’m not either!  Which is a little bit sad, a little bit awesome, a little bit weird, and a whole lot of….”who am I now? and what do I do?”

Not going to lie friends, sometimes this whole identity figuring out thing is really awkward, and sometimes its awesome!

One thing for sure – we’re a diaper free, sleeping through the night, school-aged household now.  And that means Momma has time!  Time to do lots of stuff I like – namely, build up this blog and make it a place I really, really love, can be authentic, creative, and real!  And I’m pretty excited about that.

While our life has changed a bunch over the last couple of years, and will continue to change – that’s pretty much a constant, right?? – I know that our health routine will stay constant too, and simple!


SO, do vitamins really make you healthier? There’s actual research answering that question, but I’ll just tell you the answer we’ve landed on!

We stopped taking vitamins as a family over four years ago because I realized I couldn’t even pronounce a lot of ingredients on the label, and couldn’t find any research proving they were bioavailable (getting into our bloodstream) 👎🏼 So I opted to just get the nutrition we needed from healthy food.  Win!  Except for the days when we didn’t eat the greatest.

It wasn’t until two years ago that I found a way to get a wide variety of nutrition from real food consistently every day in a convenient capsule form with Juice Plus+ – which is just encapsulated vine-ripened, non-gmo, farm fresh produce ✌🏼🌱

Since it’s just food in capsules – it has a nutrition label, is regulated by the FDA, safe for anyone embryo to elderly, and is backed by clinical research to be bioavailable! 🙌🏻

This is what our nutritional safety net has looked like for two years (all five of us!) and we love it!


We’ve experienced a much better family immune system and haven’t taken antibiotics in two years.

We also haven’t been to the doctor for a sick visit in a year and a half!

I’ve had terrible seasonal allergies my whole life and have been symptom free without medication for the past year.

My acid reflux is totally gone, and my severe anxiety has improved greatly, I’m on the lowest dose of sertraline and doing really, really good.

My husband’s critically high blood pressure had slowly dropped over the past two years, and he’s now safely within range without any medication.

So, for us – the answer to the question “do vitamins really make us healthier?” has been a no.  But, has meeting our nutritional needs with real food made us healthier? Yeah!  And that’s why we love it!


So, maybe you’re like…hmmm, sounds pretty great, but I need more info!  Or, maybe you’re like…”I’m been a believer in the power of whole food, how do I get started?!”

Head on over to my website to learn more!

OR.  If you’d like to get a FREE supply of Juice Plus for your child – send me a message.

Or, hey – maybe you’re just here for the cookbook.  Click here to download your free copy!

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