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Folly Beach – Leaving the Homestead

Thoughts of home & photo memories on the beach

Chickens, gardens, and a sourdough starter. Those are are “living” things that need caring for every day as of right now. Oh and kids…(but that’s not the focus today!)

And honestly, with a system in place it’s not a lot of work at all! By far under an hour a day.

I think I remember Homestead being defined as a self-sustaining home with outbuildings. We are pretty far from self sustaining and I don’t really have a desire to go off the grid ever. But I genuinely enjoy learning new (to me) skills that have been lost in translation over the last few generations.

So naturally, I find myself dreaming of milk cows, pigs, more gardens, bees, sewing, diy-ing, and all of that prairie like stuff quite often.

But here’s the thing….I like my freedom too. I would definitely not call us “travelers” but more vacationers. We like to take a few trips a year and just get away.

So my next train of thought is…how would we manage a big homestead from afar? Yes, we have amazing family that helps, but what if they go with us?

I guess hiring help is an option! But it’s an odd position to fill.

The great thing is that it’s not really a big worry. God has shown me he irons out the details by going before us. So I know he won’t allow us to take on more than would suit what He has planned for our future. I just get to live and be a part of it.

Fellow gardeners/hobby farmers: what do your travel arrangements look like?

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