My Favorite Snowy IG Farmhouses

It’s been a few years since we’ve had a perfectly snowy white Christmas here in MO.  Last year we barely had any snow all winter, and don’t get me wrong, I’m a warm weather gal through and through but I do love a good, pretty snow.  I mean, looking at it from inside of my warm house with coffee in hand, that is.  I feel no obligation to actually play with my kids in the snow.  Admiring their cute little michelin man, bundled up selves from the window with something sweet and delicious in the oven for them is ok with me.

My instagram feed is overflowing with wintery white farmhouses, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites while chilling with the babes.  Which is actually code for being ambushed by nerf bullets, breaking up combat battles between the boys, and dressing and redressing and redressing Viv’s babies for her while trying to prep dinner.  Such is life with littles ones <3.

In no particular order of favoritism, some simply stunning snowy farmhouses:



So I just stumbled upon this beautiful home that belongs to Amanda Walton of  I just love the porch & chimney and the inside is full of country character.  And those little rocking chairs, I’ll be needing three for my tiny people come porch sittin’ season.  Follow her on IG for some farmhouse inspiration and be sure to check out her boys’ room, too!



Deborah!!!! Can I come over? Is that weird? No but really, does it get any more magical? A turret, a big, green wreath, and windows galore.  Truly a winter wonderland.  And this is just one shot.  Head over to her IG feed to see this beauty from all angles.  Check out her blog at for a tour of her home.



Lisa’s account is one of the very first that I started following when we began building our home, and as it happens, she’s total inspiration in every department farmhouse and homemaking.  Also, her cozy front porch was recently made over and I’m loving all of the photos she’s shared.  Oh, and she’s only 45 minutes away from me, how cool is that?  Her IG feed is bright & beautiful with lots of homemade goodness.  And her blog is full of some pretty amazing content across the board.



Well, it’s safe to say that if you’ve ever searched any variation of the farmhouse hashtag, you’re already following Liz on IG.  But, how could I not share her timelessly beautiful & snowy home?  It’s one of my favorites and I love her pretty blog also & following along with her fertility journey.



Sarah’s house and super cute galley kitchen is one of my favorites on IG.  And her front porch swing….I really want one just like it.  Project for Big John this winter – I think so!  Head over to her blog for more behind the scenes shots, too!



I feel like Maggie is kind of a spirit animal of mine with her red barn/garage and shades of blue.  Not only do I love her home and colorful IG feed, but she’s super, incredibly insightful and inspirational and a sister in Christ which makes so happy to have her in my internet world.  Ooh, and she wrote a book which I really want to read because its all about accepting grace as a busy and unperfected Mom!  Putting it on my 2018 list for sure.

Thanks for coming along on my wintery farmhouse tour, and Merry day after Christmas!

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