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Mornings at Home

Any number of my kids usually find their way into my bed somewhere between four and six before I wake up.  This morning it was the boys, debating who was stronger and following up with wrestle mania death match supreme.  I never had brothers, but so far I’ve found that everything they say about boys is true.  Wild, crazy, drive you to the brink of insanity, and then melt your heart with a sweet kiss.  The best.

I have been looking forward to Christmas break immensely.  I like slow & easy mornings, which is pretty much the opposite of what happens when we have to be out the door for school by 7:30.

A mentor in my MOPS group shared with us a few weeks ago that she has found giving 10 minutes of her morning to the Lord whether in prayer or the Word, He gives her 10 hours or more of productivity and meaningful time in her day.  And I could not agree with this more.  Spending time with God in the mornings is easier without the school rush, and I’m soaking it up!  Currently in 1 Corinthians.

My kids number one Christmas wish was to get a juicer…..a juicer.  True kids of a health nut right there.  Making momma proud lolz.  So far we’ve made orange, grape, and apple.  And they are so stinkin’ sweet, they don’t even want to try a drop before bottling it up to take to Grandma’s so she can try some too.  The actual juicer is a pain in the butt to wash, but its been a good gift so far and works well!  They love it.


This boy got himself and his little brother dressed this morning without being asked, all bundled up and ready to go.  Heart explosion.  I love when they care for each other, makes me feel like we are doing right by them after all.

Viv is so girly its crazy.  I was a tomboy and kind of still am, but I love that she has her own little style and flare.


If you watch my insta stories, you’ll know that she gets dressed to the T to go everywhere.  Like, you know, the living room.  Or back yard.  Always dressed to impress this one.


I’m in love with the super cute Maisie dress paired with H&M accessories.  Can you ever have too much pink?  Not for this girl.

I’m just now dipping my feet back into the blogging waters after taking the year of 2017 to focus on building our new home.  And as we have pancakes all the time, I figured it was time to update an old but faithful recipe and post.  Check out our favorite clean pancakes, they’re sooo delish & fluffy and totally hit the spot this morning!


Low key day here because taking down alllll the kids’ Christmas decor is happening.  I almost love taking it all down as much as putting it up.  A clean slate and fresh start to ring in the new year.  Have a good day everyone!

Also, yes…I have now drank the Rae Dunn KoolAid.  Damnit.



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