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Winter Wonderland Farm Tour

I had no idea it was going to snow, so it was a big surprise for us and the kids were bundled up and out the door before 8.  This is our first winter, and first snow in the new house and I’m falling more in love with the farm every day.  fullsizeoutput_44b

This little building on the left is full of treasures, and was home to lots of the quilts in my posts before I cleaned them up and gave them new homes.


The farm is divided into two pieces by the highway.  At one point, I wanted to build on the west half shown here.  There are some pretty incredible views from the top of the hill.  But I’m glad we chose the spot we did.  My kids love being able to walk to their grandparents’ house and being right in the middle of the farm.


A look down the lane.  There’s a big hay loft in the manger at the end on the right.  My husband has lots of stories of days spent playing up there with friends.  I’m sure our kids will some day too.  The first white building on the right is the old farrow house.  There aren’t any hogs on the farm anymore (for now).


A better view of the farrow house from the front.  Big John told me I could use this for my poultry.  That I don’t yet have.  Whitewash, new windows, and a little TLC is on my project list for this spring.


It’s beautiful out here.  I love that we get to experience all of the seasons.


We don’t own any of the cattle on the property.  I’m not sure if my husband will ever get back into farming or not.  Time will tell, and I’m pretty neutral.


Heading back up the driveway, which used to be the county road before the highway.  I made all of my garland from clippings out of the big pine to the left of the house.


Our decor budget is non-existent right now since we haven’t closed on the house and are still paying a construction loan interest rate.  So a little homemade garland and a galvanized basin = front porch decor 2017.  I’m not mad about it.


My dad, Big John, and Little John are headed to the Mizzou vs. Illinois game tonight, and I’ve got a date planned with Target & Marshall’s to wrap up shopping for the boys.  Vivi was super easy but they’re throwing me for a loop.  Happy Christmas Eve Eve from our farm and family to you, and good luck to my fellow last minute shoppers braving the retail scene!

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